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Toddler Learning Pad For iPad

Ages 18 -36 months

A prequel to the Tubby Tots “Learning Computer” for younger toddlers just on the verge of learning. A navigation free interface with a toddler-proof home button will help keep your little learner focused and on track without the distractions of advanced buttons leading to confusion with unnecessary page jumping. With the optional 3 , 9 and 12 second clue feature, you can select a time limit as to when the “Toddler Learning Pad” will provide your child a clue with a blinking button. This allows your toddler to familiarize themselves with the correct learning before increasing the time limit therefore assisting them at their own pace.

There are 4 different levels to select from, alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. Your child can also benefit by associating letters with corresponding objects and also learn counting with objects and numbers. With the “Toddler Learning Pad” your inquisitive toddler can now learn on his or her own without the worry of unwanted navigational re-directs for better focus and early education.

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO ADS in this app for your children to accidentally stumble across!

Tap to begin and select your desired level.

Kids Learning Computer For iPad


Kids Learning Computer App for iPad

For Children 18 months +
This is a perfect learning tool for young toddlers on the verge of learning age. There are five different categories to captivate your little one’s interest for lengthy periods of time. Each category features 2 options, a play option so your child can learn on their own and a teaching version where the Tubby Tots ask questions and provide clues to promote positive learning. There are 5 different Tubby Tot ™ characters guiding and narrating your toddler’s educational journey. Also features 2 all new original songs from the Tubby Tots ™ gang.

1. ABC’s (Play option keypad in alphabetical order, learn option keypad in traditional typing layout)
2. Numbers (Play and Learn Options)
3. Music (Play music option xylophone style with 2 instruments or sing option with 2 all new original songs)
4. Colors (Play and Learn Options)
5. Shapes (Play and Learn Options)

Toy ABC Phone For The iPhone

ABC Phone

Toy ABC Phone

Always have a toddler toy on hand at a simple touch of an icon. With blue for boys and pink for girls your kids can learn there ABC’s and numbers while captivating themselves for long periods of time. There are 2 new Tubby Tots songs including 1 new original numbers song. Never be caught out of the house again with out a toddler toy!