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Infant Soother Mini For iPhone (Update 2.0)

Toddler-Proof Home Button (So Your Toddler Can’t Press Buttons)
4 New Characters and Infant Soothing Scenes
4 New Original Infant Soothing Songs
More Customizable Features
Unlockable Content

A must have for any parent of a small infant or toddler! Babies, infants and toddlers can relax to soothing nature sounds and sharp animated visuals with two relaxing original sleepy-time infant songs. Choose from 3 different Tubby Tots ™ characters and then let the Tots help your children learn to count. Parents can sit back and watch their children become captivated by the soothing sounds and repetitive motions from the Tubby Tots ™. Older toddlers can benefit by traditionally counting sheep to help fall asleep while learning numbers.

Theme: The characters from the Tubby Tots ™ go to sleep by learning to count Tubby Sheep in a tranquil island bedroom setting.

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